Australian pilgrims in Kiev, Ukraine (10-11 Sept) – photoreport

1. Arriving at Holy Protection convent:

2. Our Kiev guide Fr Vasily:

3. Inner walls of Holy Protection convent:

4. Christ God accept the prayers of Thy Mother:

5. St. Nicholas Cathedral in the convent:

6. Domes at dusk:

7. Visit to Kiev Caves Lavra on the day of the Kiev Caves Fathers 10.9.09:

8. Fr Vasily explaining about the caves and relics:

9. Holy Dormition Cathdral, restored after being destroyed by the Bolsheviks during WWII:

10. Molieben to the Caves Fathers served by the vicar abbot – Archbishop Paul, and the Rector of the Theological Academy – Archbishop Anthony:

11. molieben cont’d:

12. General view of the Lavra:

13. Delegates from Australia and their guide:

13. Sts. Theodosy and Anthony, founders of the Caves monastery:

14. Going to the Near Caves:

15. Entry point to the Near Caves:

16. Outside the entry point:

17. Many stairs need much rest:

18. Entry to the Church of All the Caves Fathers:

18. Time out:

19. Climbing together:

20. Scheme of the Lavra:

21. Signs to the Near and Far Caves:

22. View over the Dnieper river:

23. Pilgrims quenching their thirst:

24. Dormition Cathedral:

24. General view:

25. In awe:

26. Cathedral:

27. Cathedral:

28. Domes:

29. Domes:

30. Trapeza church:

31. Trapeza church explanation:

32. A stone from the destroyed Cathedral:

33. Gate tower church:

34. Gate tower church (2):

35. Map of the monastery:

36. Fresco of the Fathers of the Far Caves:

37. Leaving:

38. Place of Metropolitan Vladimir of Kiev’s execution. First New Martyr of Russia:

39. Construction at Holy Protection convent:

40. Interior of St Nicholas Cathedral, Holy Protection convent:

41. Kievan streets:

42. Mother Vassilisa and her helpers in the trapeza:

43. Blessing in gratitude:

43a. Pilgramage trips:

43b. St. Andrew’s Cathedral:

44. Dormition church in the Protection convent:

45. Female pilgrims quarters:

46. St. Nicholas Cathedral iconostasis:

47. Prosphora and chetki:

48. Dining (trapeza) of Holy Protection convent where we were fed:

49. In peace let us depart:

50. Waiting to meet with His Beatitude Metropolitan Vladimir of Kiev and all Ukraine:

51. His Beatitude Metropolitan Vladimir blessing our delegation:

52. His Beatitude Metropolitan Vladimir blessing our delegation:

53. His Beatitude Metropolitan Vladimir blessing our delegation:

54. His Beatitude Metropolitan Vladimir blessing our delegation:

55. Instruction and blessings:

56. Exchanging gifts:

57. Exchanging gifts:

58. A Kangaroo skin from Fr Joachim:

59. Fr Vasily receives a blessing:

60. Gifts from His Beatitude:

61. Gifts from His Beatitude:

62. Group photo:

63. Final words:

64. On our way to Chernovtsi: