Invitation – Teen Retreat 2023

Отошел ко Господу протодиакон Петр Метленко

Приходской совет Богородице-Успенского храма с прискорбием сообщает, что на 86-м году жизни скончался протодиакон Петр Иванович Метленко, бывший клирик Богородице-Успенского храма в Данденонге. 

Выражаем искренние слова соболезнования родным и близким усопшего. 

Отпевание новопреставленного прошло 29 августа во Владимирском храме в Сиднее, а погребение состоялось 31 августа в Успенском храме в Данденонге. Похоронен на кладбище в Спрингвайле рядом с матушкой.   (more…)

Protodeacon Peter Metlenko reposed to the Lord

On Thursday, 24 August 2023, at the age of 86, Protodeacon Peter Metlenko, a former cleric of the Holy Dormition Church in Dandenong, reposed to the Lord.

The funeral service of the newly departed was held on 29 August 2023 at St. Vladimir’s Church in Sydney and the burial took place on 31 August 2023 in Springvale Cemetary VIC next to his matushka Elizabeth.

We express our sincere condolences to his family and may the Lord God grant Fr Peter the Kingdom of Heaven!

A brief biography can be read here.

His Grace Bishop George of Sydney Australia and New Zealand celebrated the feast of Holy Transfiguration at Sts Peter and Paul Cathedral

On Friday, 18 August and Saturday, 19 August 2023, His Grace Bishop George celebrated the services for the great feast of Holy Transfiguration at Sts Peter and Paul Cathedral, Strathfield. Co-serving with Bishop George were the Cathedral clergy and Abbot Cyprian from Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville NY, USA.

Following the Divine Liturgy, Bishop George blessed the fruit. (more…)

Oтошёл ко Господу Протоиерей Руф Тоболов / Archpriest Ruf Tobolov reposed in the Lord

В понедельник 19-го июня 2023 г. отошёл ко Господу бывший настоятель и строитель нового храма в Брисбенском пригороде Рокли – протоиерей Руф Тоболов. Руф Георгиевич Тоболов родился 21-го апреля 1940 г. в Уст-Урга, Трёхречье, Китай. Он был потомком Забайкальских казаков. 

Вместе с семьёй эмигрировали в  Австралию в 1962 г. и после пребывания в лагере для мигрантов «Боннегилла», семья поселилась в Сиднее. (more…)

His Grace Bishop George of Sydney Australia and New Zealand celebrates the feast of the Holy Trinity at Sts Peter and Paul Cathedral Strathfield

The great feast of the Holy Trinity is celebrated on Sunday the fiftieth day after Easter and is also called Pentecost. This feast is associated with the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles, which took place on this day. The Day of the Holy Trinity is one of the twelve feasts of the Orthodox Church.

On Saturday, 3rd of June 2023 the All-night Vigil commenced with the greeting of His Grace Bishop George followed by vespers, litiya and matins. Co-served with His Grace were the Cathedral clergy. The following day, the Hierarchal Divine Liturgy commenced at 9am. (more…)

St Nicholas Cathedral in Queensland celebrates its centennial

On May 27-28, 2023, Brisbane celebrated the 100th anniversary of the first Orthodox parish in Australia. Hundreds of parishioners of this and other Orthodox churches from different cities of Australia and invited high-ranking guests gathered at St Nicholas Church in Brisbane on the occasion of the centenary of the parish. The service was attended by three bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia and about 70 clergy. Orthodox Christians of Brisbane had never seen such a large-scale event. (more…)

Orthodox Evangelism Symposium held in Brisbane QLD

The ‘Open Doors’ Orthodox Evangelism Symposium, held on May 26, 2023, at St Seraphim Russian Orthodox Church in Brisbane, gathered clergy and laity from around Australia to discuss welcoming visitors, including newcomers, developing parishes, and enculturation.


St John of Kronstadt Academy

Dear brothers and sisters,

With the blessing of His Grace, Bishop George, an important project is underway to establish the first Orthodox school in Brisbane and the first classical Orthodox school in Australia – the St John of Kronstadt Academy. This project is being led by Fr Stephen David from Holy Annunciation with the aim of being open to students from Preparatory to Year 3 in 2024, subject to formal accreditation. (more…)

His Grace Bishop Luke of Syracuse Melbourne visit

On Saturday, 20th May 2023, His Grace Bishop Luke of Syracuse, arrived at Melbourne airport where he was greeted by the Holy Protection Cathedral clergy. That evening Bishop Luke served the All-night vigil at the cathedral.

The following day, the 6th Sunday of Pascha, the healing of the blind man, His Grace was greeted at the Holy Protection Cathedral with bread and salt and officiated the Divine Liturgy. Concelebrating with Bishop Luke were the cathedral clergy, Archpriests: Nicholas Karipoff, cathedral rector, Nicholas Dalinkiewicz, Peter Sheko, Priest Mark Woloszyn, Protodeacon Alexander Abramoff and visiting clergy Archpriest Peter Shashkoff. (more…)