Invitation for all Orthodox youth to attend Sodruzhestvo online

This year, due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, Sodruzhestvo XIII will be conducted in online format from 14th to 19th July 2020. The exact times of events will be specified (on 1 July) once time-zone differences have been optimised for participants joining from different countries. This “online format” Sodruzhestvo to be used will be Zoom or similar and has the potential to achieve record attendance with up to 1,000 online participants from 24 countries.

The draft programme is as follows (times to be announced):

Tuesday 14 July:
17.00 – Moleben with Akathist to the Kursk Icon of the Mother of God, with Metropolitan Hilarion (ROCOR) presiding from New York (1.5 hours) Synodal Cathedral of the Sign New York

Interaction between participants from different countries (1 hour).
Conference id: 732 662 4396
Password: 7Qjx5G

Wednesday 15 July:
15.00 – Video-conference on the theme: “The Challenge of Preserving Christian Love in Modern Society. Strengthening Spiritual-Moral Values in Society” (2 hours)

This video-conference will be structured as follows:
1. Introductory word from Sergei Pavlovich Loktionov, Committee President,
2. Greetings from official guests,
3. Short lecturettes (5 minutes each) from up to 4 delegates of the conference,
4. Presentations from various delegations.
5. Discussion
6. Conclusion of video-conference.

It is anticipated that some official guests from Russian local and Federal Government will participate in this conference. 
Conference id: 732 662 4396
Password: 7Qjx5G

Thursday 16 July:
15.00-  Interaction with participating hierarchs (possibly Metropolitan Hilarion (NY), Metropolitan Mark (Berlin), Metropolitan German (Kursk), Metropolitan Sergei (Ternopol)

Spiritual discussion “100 Questions to the Priest”. (Priests – delegate leaders – from different countries to answer questions from participants) (2 hours) 
Conference id: 732 662 4396
Password: 7Qjx5G

Friday 17 July
(Feast of the Royal Martys)
09.00 – Live-streaming of Divine Liturgy from the Church of the Royal Martyrs in Kursk (Patronal feastday for Fr Oleg Chebanov).

Sodruzhestvo participants remain online for any ongoing programme.

Saturday 18 July
(Feast of St Sergius of Radonezh)
09.00 – Possible live-streaming of Patriarchal Liturgy from Dormition Cathedral at Trinity-St Sergius Lavra, Moscow.
Телеканал Союз

Sodruzhestvo participants remain online for any ongoing programme (1.5 hours).

Sunday 19 July
(Feast of the Saints of Radonezh)
International Online Festival “The Fellowship of Orthodox Hearts”comprised of cultural numbers performed by participants of the Sodruzhestvo (2-3 hours).

Conclusion of XIII Sodruzhestvo 2020
Conference id: 732 662 4396
Password: 7Qjx5G

With deep respect,
Sergei Pavlovich Loktionov
President of the Organising Committee