Parish Feast Day of Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God Church, Rocklea

On Friday 7 September at Our Lady of Vladimir Parish, Rocklea, the Vigil for the Patronal Feastday of this parish was served.  Especially noteworthy was the newly-formed Men’s Choir, which comprised members from each parish of our Deanery of Queensland (ROCOR) – including our own choirmaster and parish priest – and was directed by Rev. Dcn Vladimir Bigdan.  It was a joy to be present at the parish during this most melodious and beautiful service.

The next morning, Saturday 8 September, the Divine Liturgy for the Patronal Feastday of the parish was celebrated.  For the first time, all the current members of the Deanery served together: the Rector and Dean, Archpriest Michael Klebansky, was joined by Archpriest Gabriel Makarov, Priest John Weir, Priest Gabriel Lapardin, Priest Alexander Borodin, Protodeacon Konstantin Semovskih, Deacon Vasily Konstantinidis, Deacon Andrew Smith and Deacon Vladimir Bigdan; in addition to a full church of reverent worshippers of the Triune God, joined together in revering the one who gave birth to Christ and intercedes for the faithful.  The joy of the feast was multiplied by the joy of ‘brothers dwelling together in unity’.  After the Divine Liturgy, and the procession around the church, a celebratory lunch followed which was enjoyed by all, courtesy of the parish sisterhood.