The feast of the Holy Glorious Prophet John was celebrated at All Saints of Russia Parish, Croydon

croydon_ordination2On Sunday, February 20, 2013 the feast of the Holy Glorious Prophet John, Forerunner and Baptist of the Lord, the Parish of All Saints of Russia, Croydon was fortunate to celebrate a very special service.

Metropolitan Hilarion led the divine liturgy with priests Frs. Michael Li, Joachim Ross, Christopher Vakhabov; visiting Indonesian priests Frs. Dionysius, Boris, Barnabas, Athanasius; deacons Frs. Christopher Henderson, Constantine Tzortzis, Constantine Moshegov, Stephen McKay and heirodeacon Tykhon.

During the liturgy deacon Constantine Tzortzis was ordained a priest. Following the Cherubic Hymn, Fr. Constantine was led from the middle of the church through the Royal Doors into the sanctuary by two deacons. He was then led by two priests around the altar table venerating each corner.

The Metropolitan laid his hands over Fr. Constantine who was on his knees and read a series of prayers for the ordination. Fr. Constantine was vested and a service book placed in his hands, as is the custom. He then stood to the right of the Metropolitan for the rest of the liturgy serving as a priest. After the gifts were consecrated the Metropolitan presented a portion of the Lamb to Fr. Constantine with the words: ‘Receive this pledge and preserve it whole and intact unto thy last breath, for thou shalt be held to account of it at the second and dread coming of our Lord God and Saviour, Jesus Christ’. These words remind us that a priest has the duty to guard the sacredness of the Holy Gifts.

Fr. Constantine has been assigned to assist Fr. Joachim at the All Saints Parish in Kentlyn.

Following the liturgy, Metropolitan Hilarion introduced the new rector of the Parish of All Saints of Russia, Croydon, Fr. Christopher Vakhabov. He welcomed Fr. Christopher and wished him every success in his new posting. Fr. Christopher, in turn, presented Metropolitan Hilarion, Fr. Michael Li, Fr. Constantine Moshegov and Church Warden Mr. Nick Nedachin with awards from the Tver and Kashon Archdiocese of the Russian Church in recognition of their faith and efforts in the life of the Church.

A small luncheon took place in the Church hall allowing people to congratulate newly ordained Fr. Constantine and to welcome Fr. Christopher.