Response to attack on Christians in Pakistan

pakistan1On Sunday (22nd September 2013) a pair of suicide bombers detonated their explosives outside an historic Anglican church in the city of Peshawar. The explosions occurred as the parishioners were leaving the 130 year old church after Sunday morning services. More than 78 people were killed and close to 150 others injured. A detailed account from Reuters is available here.

Members of our Mission community protested immediately at this savage attack on the people of Peshawar.

In Hyderabad, Father Anthony along with his Matushka and Jarad and Sooba Bhatti rallied in protest against the attacks with a march on the Hyderabad Press Club. The participants of rally carried banners condemning this terrible incident. The Rally was covered by Local and National press and TV channels

Local and national news papers, Express TV, Geo TV, Meharan TV and other local TV channels representatives and media reporters were covering this rally and protest was recorded to the Government of Sindh Police Superintendent and other Government officials.

In Sargodha, Father Cyril also led in a rally against this attack taking the feeling of the people to the local chairman of the Pakistan Minority alliance, Mr. Tahir Naveed. Father Cyril called on the government to ensure the safety of citizens, and especially of religious minorities.

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