Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Паломничество в Святую Землю

Diocesan Pilgrimage to Russia in 2010

Here is some information about this year’s Diocesan Pilgrimage to Russia.

Please do not confuse this with the Kursk Orthodox Youth Fellowship which was announced a few weeks ago!

You would have seen the posters at your parish church or in the Russian Edinenie newspaper. These same posters are here attached for your personal information.

The Diocesan Pilgrimage is open to everyone, but the size of the pilgrimage group will be limited to one tour bus in Russia. For all the relevant information please see the attached posters. (more…)

URGENT – Offer of Sponsored Participation in 2010 Kursk Orthodox Youth Fellowship

If you are Russian Orthodox, young, vibrant and interested in travelling to Russia, France, Switzerland and Byelorussia in July of this year….. do read on!

Here is an invitation and important information about the Kursk Youth Fellowship (Курское Содружество Православной Молодежи) which was announced at the recent Diocesan Syezd in Melbourne.

Purpose: To create opportunities for Russian Orthodox youth from different countries and dioceses to meet, interact and become lifelong friends.

Dates: From 19th July to 11th August 2010

What you would pay: Return flight to Moscow + visas + travel insurance

What will be included: All land transport within Russia + Flights & coach transport to France, Switzerland & Byelorussia + all meals and accommodation. (more…)

Оренбургскому казачеству возвращена икона великомученика Георгия Победоносца

В Оренбург прибыла делегация из Австралии: митрофорный протоиерей Михаил Протопопов, профессор Мельбурнского университета и благочинный южных штатов Австралийско-Новозеландской епархии, также  председатель Русского благотворительного общества и настоятель основанного оренбургскими казаками храма Святителя Николая Чудотворца в городе Брисбене протоиерей Гавриил Макаров в сопровождении товарища атамана Центрального войскового казачьего общества казачьего полковника Валерия Анненко.

Священники с Зеленого континента привезли в Оренбург икону Великомученика Георгия Победоносца, которую передал в родные края оренбургский казак – сын белого офицера Дмитрий Речкалов ( сейчас атаман австралийской Сводно-Казачьей станицы в Новом Южном Уэльсе), сообщает ИА REGNUM Новости. (more…)

Acknowledgement of Sponsorship by the Fund For Assistance to ROCOR

In July of 2008 the Australian and New Zealand Diocesan Liturgical Music Committee organised the 5th Diocesan Choral Conference.

The conference took place in Sydney over a period of 5 days and its already rich programme was greatly enhanced by the presence and inclusion of the Moscow Danilov Monastery Choir.

Conference activities included a range of lectures, workshops, demonstrations, divine services and concerts, all aimed at teaching and improving the skills of church choir conductors, singers and readers.

The participation in the conference of many young people from parishes all over the diocese was particularly encouraging as it attests to continued interest, growth and development of our church choirs.

The organising members of the Diocesan Liturgical Committee should be very heartily congratulated for their tremendous effort and for a job done so well. May our Lord bless their endeavours, always! (more…)

Announcement – Choral Conference – Offer of Financial Assistance

Offer of Financial Assistance for the
5th Choral Conference, 2-6 July 2008, Strathfield/Cabramatta
from the Fund For Assistance to ROCOR
(through the Synodal Youth Committee NY, USA)
to the Youth of the Australian and New Zealand Diocese ROCOR

If you are aged 28 years or younger, sing or are interested in singing in your parish choir and wish to attend the 5th Choral Conference, then you may be eligible to receive financial assistance to help with some of the costs e.g. airfare or other transport. All you have to do is email or telephone the details requested below to see if you are eligible. You may apply even if all of your travel and registration costs have already been finalised. Your parents, parish priest or choir director may apply on your behalf. (more…)