Funeral of Mitred Protopriest Michael Li at Holy Virgin Protection Church in Cabramatta

5ausprotmichaellifuneral16_016_jpgOn Tuesday, May 17, 2016, the anniversary of the reestablishment of unity within the Russian Orthodox Church (2007), the clergymen of the Diocese of Australia and New Zealand celebrated Divine Liturgy in Holy Virgin Protection Church in Cabramatta, having performed vigil and parastas in the presence of the coffin containing the body of the late Mitred Protopriest Michael Li, who died last week.

After Divine Liturgy, His Grace Bishop George of Canberra, Vicar of the Diocese, led the funeral service to a large gathering of worshipers who came to pray for the late pastor. During the eulogies read at the commemorative luncheon that followed the burial, the clergymen and laity stressed the decades of ascetic life of the priest, who endured a great deal of suffering for the sake of Orthodox Christianity, and his humble nature, humility, hard work and love for divine services. (more…)

Divine Liturgy with the Holy Kursk-Root Icon at the Church of All Russian Saints, Croydon

On Friday 18 November 2011 the Divine Liturgy was served at the Church of All Russian Saints, Croydon, by Mitred Archpriest Michael Li, Hieromonk Dorotheus and Deacon Nicholas Olhovsky, in the presence of the wonder-working Kursk-Root Icon of the Mother of God of the Sign. (more…)

50 лет Архиерейской Крестовой церкви в Кройдоне

В воскресенье в тихом сиднейском районе Кройдон в небольшом храме Всех святых в земле Российской просиявших прошёл большой праздник. Прихожане, священники храма и гости со всех районов Сиднея отмечали престольный праздник и день 50-летия основания храма. В этот же день отмечали также 60-летие священнослужения протоиерея Михаила Ли.