Feast Day at the Holy Transfiguration Monastery Bombala

bombala_1On Sunday, 17 August 2014, His Grace Bishop George of Mayfield arrived at the Holy Transfiguration Monastery located at the foot of the Snowy Mountains, where he spent several days visiting the brethren of the Monastery.

On Monday, 18 August 2014, the eve of the feast day of the Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and Tuesday, 19 August 2014, His Grace together with the brethren of the Monastery and visiting clergy served the all night vigil and the Divine Liturgy. The Church was filled with visiting pilgrims and local parishioners. During the small entrance, Hieromonk Sergei (Shatrov) was elevated to the rank of Hegumen and upon the completion of the service, he was appointed Abbot of the Monastery and was entrusted with the Abbot staff.