The Order of the “Dialog” Between the Priest and Deacon After the Great Entrance of Divine Liturgy

The Priest, having set aside the censer and bowed his head, saith to  the Deacon: Pray for me, my  brother and concelebrant.

Deacon:  May the Holy Spirit  come upon thee and the power of the Most High overshadow thee.

Priest:  May the same Spirit  act within us all the days of our life.

Then the Deacon, having himself bowed his head, and holding the orarion with three fingers of his right hand, saith to the Priest: Remember  me, holy master.

Priest: May the Lord God remember thee in His kingdom, always, now  and ever, and unto the agtes of ages.

And the Deacon saith: Amen; and, having kissed the right hand of the  Priest, he goeth out through the north door; and, standing in his usual place,  saith: Let  us complete our prayer unto the Lord.