: Jordanville Seminary Annual Fund 2023 – Year-End Appeal

Jordanville Seminary Annual Fund 2023 – Year-End Appeal

: Jordanville Annual Fund 2021 Year-End Appeal

Dear Friends and Supporters!

Many wonderful things are happening at Holy Trinity Theological Seminary in Jordanville, and the pace is picking up like never before!

  • This year 2021-22 we have enrolled an unprecedented number of exceptionally qualified and enthusiastic students, so that on-campus housing is now filled to capacity, which will soon necessitate additional space.
  • Many facets of the HTS curriculum are now under review with the aim of optimally responding to the evolving needs of today’s Orthodox seminary education and pedagogy.
  • Institutional accreditation with the NY State Board of Education is being officially sustained, thereby confirming our program’s true excellence at both the undergraduate (B.Th.) and graduate (M.Div.) levels.
  • The HTS faculty is rapidly rising in its stature and credentials with a clearly strengthened perception of both spirituality and scholarship as key components of contemporary Orthodox pastoral formation.


: Jordanville Annual Fundraiser Event 2019

Dear Friends!

The Jordanville Annual Fund is your opportunity to support all that we strive to accomplish daily. It is mainly the generosity of donors like you that makes it possible for us…

  • to keep encouraging the well-known spiritual commitment of our monastic community, including its beautiful church services and singing every day;
  • to continue building and strengthening Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary, an officially accredited institution with a top-notch faculty and diverse body of dedicated students;
  • to maintain our picturesque and much-beloved sacred property, nearly 1,000 acres in Upstate New York with many buildings and housing for the monastery and seminary;
  • to further expand Jordanville’s renowned missionary outreach with its countless publications since the founding of our press close to a century ago.

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